JWT Authentication | GIN | GORM


Folder Structure


DB Transaction | GORM | Repository Pattern

What is the need for DB Transaction?

Standard | Flexible Environment | Solving Cold Start Problem

2. Preparing a basic Next.js App

npx create-next-app

Firebase Analytics Setup | Track Page Visited With Screen View Event | Custom Events

Firebase Setup (Part 1 — on Firebase Console)

Using Customized Data Types

Pros of using UUID instead of AUTO_INCREMENT PRIMARY KEY?

  1. They are unique across tables, databases, and servers.
  2. They are hard(er) to guess from URLs.

Cons of using UUID:

  1. Increased Storage i.e. 36 characters and thus performance issues.
  2. It is more difficult to debug.

Open Graph(OG) meta tags | Server-Side-Rendering(SSR)

npx create-next-app

Dockerfile | Docker Compose | MySQL | phpMyAdmin | Hot Reloading

source: https://github.com/monstar-lab/golang-docker-development-env

Common Problem that Every Developer Face

Cloud Function | Firebase Hosting | Static Deployment| getServerSideProps

1. Overview

2. Preparing a basic Next.js App

yarn create next-app

1. Overview

2. Intro To React-JSS

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